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Door Lock

Door Lock

Door Lock

Want to increase the security of your home? No one is safe from attempted theft, so it's best to provide yourself with an effective lock on the front door for your peace of mind and to avoid theft. But how to make the right choice?

Yale offers you the ideal door lock options to protect the door from theft and intruders. It is very difficult not to get lost among the wide selection of different locks. If you want to find a quality and durable lock and protect your home from thieves, there are hundreds of locks equipped with both traditional and smart technologies for you. Moreover, their installation is very easy for customers.


Wifi Camera For Home

A Wifi camera for home is now a material that everyone needs. It can be important to know what people are doing, especially in crowded homes. You don't need to be at home to do this. If you're at work and wondering how your babysitter is taking care of your baby, just look at your phone. You can find out what's going on at home by connecting to your home camera from your phone.

Yale cameras have the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees. In this way, you can see large areas with a single camera. With the sound detection feature, your phone will be notified when something remarkable happens. Images are saved to your SD card every day. In this way, it can be used to detect thieves entering your home. With night vision, you can spot faces even in the dark.


Glass Door Lock

Thieves are robbing businesses, not just homes these days. Especially jewelry stores, electronics stores, clothing stores, etc. are on the news every day. For this reason, ensuring the safety of workplaces is as important as a home. But glass doors are always easier to open. Intruders can break into your office within minutes.

You no longer need big and coarse locks. Yale aims to protect your workplaces with glass door lock models. It makes people feel safe with its newly released smart door lock systems. Thanks to its aesthetic touch screen, it will also make the place look stylish. You don't need to carry ten keys in your pocket to operate smart locks. You can safely enter and leave your workplace with only a Pin Code or RFID card.


Outdoor Cameras

Don't you want to know who is around your house when you are not at home? For this you will either need a spy or a security camera. Moreover, this camera should give you clear images even in the worst weather conditions. If you are experienced in this field, you may have an idea about which models of cameras are good. However, if you are going to try it for the first time, you will get lost in hundreds of brands.

Yale outdoor cameras take your security to the next level. In this way, even when you are not at home, you are always in control. Thanks to the smart detection system, when an event occurs, a notification is immediately sent to your phone or tablet. Here you can watch the footage live. It automatically saves images and you can use them whenever you want.


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